1) Outer:meta aramid and para aramid for heat and fire resistant when grilling

    2) Inner:100% white cotton lining,wear comfortable,gives more protection on heat resistant

    3) 2 layers grill gloves can withstand tempreture to 500 C/932F

    4) 2 sides customized silicon coating give support on holding

    5) Suitable for both right and left hands

    6) As oven mitts,hot pads or pot holder,bear paws,BBQ,grill,barbecue or oyster kitchen gloves for slicing,peeling,grating,perfect for smoker or as under gloves for welding

    7)Do not use if glove is wet or near heat emitting steam. Not waterproof. Check glove whether damage or heavy wear each time before use. If did, do not use. It is not a permanent protection against fire or heat

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